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DPA Solutions believes in the strength of people and competencies coming together to achieve something great. The team comprises experienced analysts having served law firms and research centers for patent research, and analytics services in diverse technological areas.

The Founder
Arumugam Pandurangan is the founder of DPA Solutions, which provides valuable support to IPR, Research & Development and Business activities. Arumugam earned his PhD from a national research laboratory (CSIR) in India.

After PhD, he worked with the scientists of France (CNRS) for the development of new synthetic materials having utility in healthcare and electronics fields. He also worked for Dr. Reddys Laboratories and managed teams at leading KPO companies based in Chennai and New Delhi.

He has 6+ years of experience in the services industry.


Prasad Kasturi holds a PhD degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He has 10+ years of research experience at various research organizations in different countries. Also, he has a certificate course in IPR.

His research work focused on diverse topics including regulation of gene expression, cell fate specification, aging, stress response and neurodegenerative diseases. He published in international journals including Cell and Nature press.