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Freedom to Operate search, also known as Clearance or Right to Operate search is conducted to determine the business rights of organizations to produce or sell or market a new product in the judiciaries of interest. Enforceable patents specifically defining the scope in claims are the ultimate targets.


An efficiently conducted Clearance search report helps to

a) Avoid costly infringement lawsuits

b) Find business partners.

c) Licensing and cross licensing negotiations

d) Invent an alternative or modify the existing

e) Plan and save huge process optimization and production costs

f) Understand the competition

Why DPA?

Claims are constructed in broad and complex manners. Clearance search reports prepared by our experts based on multiple analyses of claims and their retro-fragmentation mapping of enforceable patents in terms of novelty, non-obviousness, and usefulness assist the client to determine their rights to operate and to avoid infringement issues in the judiciaries of interest.


Enforceable patents and filed patent applications in the judiciaries of interest.

Data Restriction

Generally restricted to enforceable patents.

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