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We monitor the IPR and Scientific trends in more than 130 countries to alert our clients weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually based on the growth pace of technology. Try our alerting services to get the critical information needed to shape up your technology, research and business. We offer the following alerting services:

Overview Alerts:

Overview alerts update the client about recently filed, published as well as amended patents and recently published non-patent literature data in the client's areas of interest. This kind of alert provides Bibliographic details of relevant hits with brief novelty summary and is an inexpensive model for the client to get the critical SciTech details at the earliest possible.

Competitors Watch:

Competitors Watch Service monitors the SciTech focus, filing trend, key jurisdictions and key inventors of your competitors. Newly filed patent applications, issued patents and the non-patent literature articles are provided with detailed analysis according to the approved taxonomy by the client. This study helps the client to identify technology trends, SciTech interests and business approaches of their competitors.

Legal Watch Alerts:

This is a legal support approach focused on the tracking of patents and patent applications. Patents expiry dates, amendments, licensing, cross-licensing activities are monitored and updated to the client.

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