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Patent Research, Technology Landscaping, Market Research, Patent Drafting, and Database Development.
About Us

DPA Solutions is a global provider of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services. The company is consistently providing valuable support to leading law firms, innovative companies, and SMEs for intellectual property rights, research, and business services since 2013.Read More
Technology Areas
DPA Solutions offers high-quality patent information and database development services for technologies related to Chemicals, Polymers, Nanotechnology, Fuels, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
DPA Solutions uses market leading patent and non-patent search platforms like Thomson Innovation, and STN. In addition, it effectively uses all non-commercial,non-patent and business research databases to make satisfactory reports.
DPA Solutions team comprises dedicated individuals with highest standards of professional competencies, ethics, and integrity. The key members of our team have studied in reputed academic institutions in Europe or the USA, and they have worked for some of the Fortune 500 companies.
Patent Research
Our Merits
We are committed to keeping our client’s data strictly confidential and protected. We follow NDA and other necessary protocols to safeguard the electronic information.
DPA Solutions has subscription to market leading patent and non-patent search platforms. Also, it effectively uses all non-commercial and non-patent databases.
We believe in the strength of people and competencies. Our team comprises dedicated analysts having strong work experience in the services sector.
We strongly adhere to our quality control policies and procedures, which help us to provide valuable support to our clients.
Value Adds
Our every delivery comes with value adds to notify our clients about important technical and business opportunities.
DPA Solutions offers services at competitive rates. Full-time equivalent employee model would further reduce your billings.